Finding Resources

An emerging consensus says that you are not going to get everything that you need in the pursuit of your healing from one modality or one practitioner. We are far too complex organisms for it to be otherwise, and most of us have been hurt in too many ways for there to be one single way to heal all our wounds. Over time, dedicated seekers will find ways to a series of practitioners.

Mike Brenner Laughing

But which kinds, and when? While the range and creativity of healing modalities available now in our metropolitan areas are truly exciting, the opportunities can also be quite confusing.

Making good choices from what is offered is critical. My personal and professional experience equips me to help with those decisions, and with integrating the interventions, you are engaged in with your process with me.

I find it quite gratifying when people profit from what I share with them from my long exploration of healing practices. On the website page Paths to Healing there’s a guide to holistic approaches, based on that experience.