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On this website, I've gathered things I've learned over decades of personal and professional experience. May your visit here be inspiring, comforting, and useful.

Should you engage me in your healing process, together we use language to open deep emotional and spiritual connection and will use  sensory experience to achieve troubled patterns held in your nervous system, tissues, and fluids are released.

I am a teacher and guide, helping people remember and re-experience their original untroubled immersion in the Universe. In other words, I aim to remind your organism that it knows how to heal itself.

I no longer relate to the practice of medicine, from which I retired in 2007. To be clear: I do not diagnose or treat diseases, disorders, or conditions; perform medical or psychological procedures; give medical advice; prescribe medication; or refer to myself as a physician, doctor, or psychiatrist.

Conventional medicine focuses on pain and unhappiness. I never ignore the dark side of life, yet my focus is on ease and joy. Modern medicine intervenes chemically and mechanistically. My efforts support harmony in the energetic and fluidic pulsations of life. Standard practice involves the authority of the practitioner. My commitment is to the restorative potential in each of us.

My work weaves processes that are related: with language, opening the heart to truth; with sensate focus, leading the autonomic nervous system away from protective activation and the affect system away from negativity; and with bio-energetic methods and slow body movement, harmonizing the body's pulsation.




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